Rope Grown Maine Mussels

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Rope Grown (Raft Grown) Maine Mussels

Our rope grown Casco Bay blue mussels live and grow in suspension, that is they attach themselves to our growing ropes where they mature and thrive for up to eighteen months until harvest time. Our growing ropes hang down into the ocean from “Spanish” type rafts that float on the surface. Our ropes are typically 40-50 feet long. Attached to our ropes, they feed naturally on the ever changing, cool Maine tidal currents.

Calendar Island Mussels

Maine Mussel Rafts in Casco Bay

Rope grown mussels have thinner shells and substantially greater meat content than their wild cousins. Much of this has to do with growing in the top part of the water column where there are more nutrients to feed on and less bottom feeder competitors. They have never spent a day growing on the bottom and thus they never have grit or pearls. A sweet fullness of flavor and consistent size make them the number one choice for discerning pallets. Their beautiful dark blue and nearly purple shells present wonderfully on the plate.

Delicious Maine Mussels

Delicious Maine Mussels