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Our Favorite Mussel Recipes

Cawdel of Muskels

A 1390 English recipe attributed to the Master of the Cooks of King Richard II.

Take and seethe muskels, pike hem clean and waishe hem clean in wyne. Take almonds and bray hem. Take sime of the muskels and grynde hem, and some hewe small. Draw the muskels yground with the self broth. Wyrny the almonds with faire water. Do all this togider. Do thereto verious and vinegar. Take whyte of leeks and parboil hem well. Wryng out the water, and hew hem small. Cast oil thereto, with onions parboiled, and minced small. Do thereto powder, fort, saffron, and salt; a lytel seethe it, not to standing, and messe it forth.

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